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  • Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization

    Application Intelligence, Control and Visualization

    08 Jan 2012

    As businesses migrate more and more applications to the cloud there becomes an increased need for management and control of employee productivity and the bandwidth purchased from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Before Web 2.0, when having a web...

  • Caller ID & Screen Pops

    Caller ID & Screen Pops

    08 Jan 2012

    Technology has spoiled us – it’s true.  Most of us have smart phones and are now expecting to at least see a picture of the person calling you before you answer the call and if not a photo then for sure their contact information – name, address...

  • Telephone Date & Time Change

    Telephone Date & Time Change

    29 Dec 2011

    I know, you’re looking at your telephone set display and the time (or day/date) is wrong.  It may have been wrong since you started working for your company eons ago and no one knows how to change it.  All is not lost.  In fact, this is your lucky...

  • Server Virtualization

    Server Virtualization

    28 Dec 2011

    In the old days (circa 2005), when a business was going to roll out a new application and it required 2 dedicated servers to run, the process for the network administrator was this: 1.    Order new hardware 2.    Wait for the hardware to arrive 3.  ...

  • Close Business Faster with uMobility and Mobex

    Close Business Faster with uMobility and Mobex

    22 Dec 2011

    Would you like to be able to close more business faster?  Is providing superior customer service important?  If your answer is yes then we have something just for you. How often have you wished you could use your smartphone interchangeably with your...

  • An Introduction to Cloud Computing

    An Introduction to Cloud Computing

    05 Dec 2011

    What exactly is “cloud”? Many of us have been using cloud computing for a long time and don’t even realize it.  It’s only recently that the marketing term has become so popular.  Most of us have a personal e-mail account hosted by Google, Yahoo,...

  • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

    Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

    06 Sep 2011

    We along with the rest of the world offer our sympathies to the family of Steve Jobs, a true visionary in the field of technology. Many things we dreamed of achieving with regards to communication, Jobs either accomplished it or had come close to doing...

  • Our New Website

    Our New Website

    01 Sep 2011

    Hampton Roads Communication Technologies is proud to announce the launch of our new website, created in conjunction with CINIVA Web Agency of Virginia Beach! HRCT is still committed to providing Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the rest of Hampton Roads with...